Young Ethiopian Man Invents His Way To Helping Community During COVID-19 – GNSOTD Wed, May 6th 2020

Like other places around the globe Ethiopia has been struggling to figure out how to get the Personal Protective Equipment they need, which has been running in short supply since the Pandemic took hold of the globe. There are those among the residents who are trying to solve their problem; like Ezedine Kamil, an 18-year-old natural science student from Welkite, a rural town 160 kilometres from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

To give you an idea of who Ezedine is, he is an inventor; with 30 inventions to his name already (did we mention he is only 18?) These devices include a contact-less electrical soap dispenser with a built in sensor that can ALSO be operated using a mechanical pedal in case of power black-outs!

Fifty dispensers have been produced by the local university and distributed in banks and hospitals across his home town. But that’s not where he stopped, he also tackled his nations shortage of ventilators by searching open source manuals and then developing his own design based on them. THEN he built a sensor to remind people not to touch their face! It’s like a watch with a sensor and every time the hand approaches the face, the device rings, reminding the wearer not to touch their face.

It is amazing what this young man has created. So incredible that he is your Good News Story of the Day; which you can read more on here. His only issue seems to be a lack of funds to get the ideas to the general public. Only a few have seen any spread; including the soap dispenser. But perhaps sharing his story will assist him in getting the funding he needs to help others.

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