Young Champions Of The Senior Cause – GNSOTD Fri, May 15th 2020

In this time of Pandemic there are those who know how to make a difference in the world and are acting upon it; and they are not always the ones you might expect.

Sometimes, instead of the well-known, experienced leaders; it’s the unknown young. Like Jahkil Jackson from Chicago. He’s 12-years-old, but he understands helping people. He’s been doing it with his nonprofit, Project I Am, for 4 years. It’s a project to assemble and distribute bags filled with hygiene products and other necessities to help homeless men and women in their daily lives.

Since COVID-19 started, he has expanded his efforts; he now includes another vulnerable sector of our communities – senior citizens. He drops off his Blessing Bags, as he calls them, outside senior homes and lets them know to come collect them and keep them until they are safe to distribute. “I don’t think it’s safe for anybody to go outside right now,” Jahkil said. “So, I decided to give them the daily essentials like hand sanitizer, which is very important, wipes, tissue. I feel like those really help them.” So far he’s delivered some 300 of his blessing bags to senior care homes.

“I’m doing my part and helping. And I feel like it’s everyone’s duty to help out where they can,” Jahkil said. “Everybody in the world, they’re scared, they’re worried. So, we have to work together to uplift each other.”

And Jahkil is not alone in this effort; because in Gaithersburg, Maryland there is another young man who is doing something similar!

7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell was shopping for his grandmother with his mom, while he was out he began worrying about his Grandmother’s senior friends. “I just wanted to make sure that they were staying home and they were staying safe,” said Cavanaugh,

He decided he was going to spend his savings to help them; some $600. He used it to purchase food and supplies to ensure they had what they needed and could stay safe.

Cavanaugh isn’t unfamiliar with fundraising either; he ALSO runs a non-profit, an Anti-Bullying effort called Cool & Dope. When word spread of what he was doing donations began coming in, so he set up a GoFundMe page and to-date it has raised more than $12,000 for the COVID-19 Community Pantry, and the cause of helping seniors!

“My grandma is my best friend. We all love our senior citizens and they mean more to us than anything else,” Cavanaugh said. “I just decided to do something nice for them.”

We could call this a Good News Story of the Day, and it would be a sweet showing of young caring for the old, but it doesn’t end here. Because recently the two of them connected over their mutual cause and started helping each other! Jahkil assembled and sent 50 of his blessing bags to Cavanaugh, who simultaneously sent packages of food items and other supplies to Jahkil. Read more about that here.

And if you think they’re stopping there you would be SO wrong; “I think it’s important for us young kids to work together because kids are very powerful and they can make change, too,” said Jahkil, who plans to coordinate efforts with more young do-gooders throughout the country.

“Anyone can have an impact no matter their age, no matter if they’re older or they’re young. Because whatever you believe you can achieve,” Cavanaugh said. “With love we can get through this together.”

Story and Image from CNN.

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