Young Boy Who Lost It All Learns About Giving – GNSOTD Wednesday Dec 5

There was a little boy, 4-year-old Riley, who had to flee his home which he shared with his grandmother as it erupted in flames when the town of Paradise burned in the California wild-fires. In some ways, Riley is very lucky, at least 90 people did not escape that blaze which burned down 14,000 homes. But that isn’t much comfort to a little boy who lost everything including nearly his entire toy dinosaur collection; the only one that survived is his favourite which he took with him.


But then, thanks to a post on Facebook, there has been a swing of fortune for little Riley.


This little guy our Riley❤️ He is my new hero he fled the fire with my sister. He was so calm was patting my sister's…

Posted by Tanya Ramsey Renfro on Friday, November 9, 2018



This post was shared and spread over social media and within days, boxes and boxes of dinosaurs, dino-themed blankets, pillowcases, movies, books and lamps started appearing at their doorstep. Riley’s collection is back up to 100 dinos with more packages still arriving. So his Grandmother, Teri, has decided to help Riley understand the power of giving and encouraging the concept of paying it forward; they are putting aside many of the arrivals to donate to a local shelter in their town so other kids can have a little joy appear in their lives.


The outpouring of kindness from friends, family, and complete strangers and the power of paying it forward all in one tale make this your Good News Story of the Day.


Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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