You Burn 50,884 Calories Monthly Just by Looking After a Child

According to a recent report by Wren Kitchen, every month your child is making you burn a staggering 50,884 calories (that’s the same as 42,759 burpees). So basically if you were debating about skipping the gym today, doing it while your kids are young gives you a pretty good excuse.

This large number is broken down into 1,478 calories on daily activities such as changing diapers. The study was conducted using 1,000 respondents and the results are pretty staggering.
Based on the data collected from all of the studies participants, research has revealed mopping (405 calories for 138 minutes her day) to be the highest calorie burning household chore and laundry to be the least, but it still burnt a whopping 202 calories for the 71 minutes most people spend doing it per day.

Then, of course, when it comes to all the running around we do everyday with (and for) our children, just carrying our small children for an average of 108 minutes per day burned the most, 259 calories (ahem: the equivalent to 218 burpees) and the least being putting away their teeny clothes which burned 41 calories per a 27 minutes average per day.

Moral of the story: if you ever, ever, downplay how much work you are actually doing on a daily basis just being a mom, just remember that you’re basically doing burpees all day long. Boom

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