World’s Longest Dunk From A Trampoline

Italian basketball freestyler, Davide Rizzi, was previously on the Guinness TV Special La Notte Dei Record in Rome. He was competing against current record holder Kerim Daghistani of Hungary for the longest dunk from a trampoline.

Kerim held the record of 26 feet, 6.98 inches; watch the video to see what happens.

Video: Longest dunk from a trampoline contest – Guinness World Records
From: YouTube
By: Guinness World Records

Guinness required that Rizzi touch the rim in dunking the ball for it to qualify for the record. You can watch Rizzi do a front flip through the air and on his second attempt he reaches the rim and the ball slams through the hoop. Rizzi’s distance was measured at 26 feet, 6.89 inches, tying the record previously set by Kerim Daghistani.

That makes it a jointly held record! What an amazing feat the two have accomplished.


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