World’s Big Sleep Out To Help Homeless In December

For one night, in backyards, hometowns and iconic locations across the globe, people will sleep out in unison to create the world’s largest display of solidarity with and support of those experiencing homelessness and displacement. It is an event which will combine music and bedtime stories in an effort to encourage involvement, and has at least two very powerful Hollywood names attached to it; Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren.


For their part the two will each read a bedtime story during this one-night fundraising event to help fight global homelessness. Smith and Mirren will each tell their story from different locations during the World’s Big Sleep Out on December 7th. Smith’s reading will take place in Times Square in New York City, while Mirren will appear in Trafalgar Square in London. Each location is expected to feature live performances of various musicians as well. The sleep out will also be held in other major cities including Chicago, Amsterdam, Madrid and Los Angeles, where the organizers expect at least 50,000 people across the 50 cities globally to sleep outside for a night in hopes of raising 50 million dollars for the charity to help an estimated 1 million homeless and displaced people.


That the date chosen for the event is in the winter months, for the locations the readings are happening, may explain why they do not expect a particularly large turnout. But it is to benefit those who have no other choice, and the star power may be enough to bring even greater numbers than expected. If you are interested in knowing more, joining the event, or hosting a sleep out of your own; you can find that information at All the proceeds raised will go toward registered charities helping homeless and displaced people.

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