Woodworker Crafts Chairs For Charities – GNSOTD Fri, July 17th 2020

Bob Bement, of Kaysville, Utah, has been working with wood for decades. It is something that he calls a good hobby. Bob has made shelves, toys, furniture, and more. Right now he is still making furniture, but a special sort; he is focusing on making little chairs.

His neighbours have been calling him “the Chairman of Hyde Park.” Many of the chairs he has made had been going to his family, but then he had a thought; “I just thought about the women’s shelter that’s close to here, and I took a couple over,” Bob said.

That started his run of gifts to charity. He has given to the Shriners Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and Primary Children’s Hospital. Bob said he is glad that the kids who use his little furniture can momentarily get away from the reality of what they are going through. It means a lot to him. In fact it can near bring him to tears, “Inside, they make me feel like I walk away with more than I gave,” Bement said.

And they have given this retiree a purpose, a way to spend his days that are sure to leave behind a legacy. Even Bob knows it. “These things are going to be around a lot longer than I am,” he said. “That’s what I want.” He’s going to keep at it too, because it’s not just good for everyone he gifts a chair to, it’s good for him too.

Bob has been paying for the supplies he needs to create the chairs by himself, but if you go take a look at your Good News Story of the Day; here, not only can you watch the interview with this humble woodworker; you will find that Mountain America Credit Union gave $500 to help Bement keep making more chairs. Because as with all things; what you put forth you receive. And giving brings giving.

Story and Image from 2KUTV.

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