‘Wonky-Faced’ Dog Gets Forever Home – GNSOTD Thursday, Jan 23rd 2020

When a dog looks different, and when he already had one shot at a home and ends up back at the shelter, it often doesn’t have a happy ending. But for Brodie the Shephard/Collie mix it ended up a lot better!

Brodie the German shepherd border collie was attacked by his mom when he was just a 13-day old pup, leaving him with severe facial and cranial deformities. Despite his challenges, the shelter received hundreds of adoption requests for the pup. Including one adoption that took him home.

Unfortunately, that owner couldn’t handle the canine’s energy and returned Brodie to the shelter after just five months, complaining he was “too hyper.”

But when Amanda Richter, 30, and her boyfriend Brad Ames, 23, visited Brodie at Alberta, Canada’s Old MacDonald Kennels; they fell in love with the “wonky” pooch the moment they saw him. They took him home that same day. Saying “He’s definitely hyper,” Richter agrees, “but he is so intelligent. His brain is perfectly fine and he learns tricks within 10 minutes usually which tells me he is a smart boy.” adding “[Brodie] just needed patience and someone to be consistent. He gets better every week.”

And this welcoming home for a special dog is your Good News Story of the Day, find in full here. And it gets even better! His new family think that Brodie is a good enough boy that they want him to become a therapy dog! They want to put him through the training “so he can help other people with disabilities,” says Richter.

Maybe his special situation is just the thing to remind others that it isn’t all about looks. “[When] we go to the dog park everyone notices how he is the happiest pup there and just wants to play and run,” says Richter, “he has no idea he looks different.” Sometimes it’s just about attitude.

Story and Image from NY Post.

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