Woman Puts Apartment Sale On Hold To House Fire Victims – GNSOTD Monday Dec 10

She put profit aside to help her fellows who were suffering after losing pretty much everything. Caryn Kramer is a residential developer in California who lives in Oakland but owns an apartment she was planning to sell for $1,000,000.00 and she had two offers on it earlier this year but decided to put the sale on hold for a little while. Not because she expects to get more for it, but because it was the right thing to do.


With all of the families displaced by the California wild fires there are thousands who are having trouble finding places to stay. If you ask Melissa Goble, whose home in Paradise was among the 14,000 which burned down when the fire tore through there, she says the hardest part has been moving from place to place. “You move into a VRBO and a couple of days later you move to the next spot, then the next spot.”


But Caryn has already had a few tenants in her unsold apartment; including a father and two sons and then Melissa, her boyfriend, and his three daughters. And what did Ms Goble have to say of that? “We are super thankful for Caryn for letting us find a place to just be able to breathe momentarily to pick up the pieces and find out what the next steps are going to be.” Thanks to that chance to breath Melissa and her family have found a place to rent and are set to move on Christmas Eve. As for Kramer? She says she will put the apartment back on the market in January. And even more? Part of the proceeds from the sale will help build housing in Haiti thanks to Caryn’s non-profit called “Flipping for Humanity.” But that is a whole other story.


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Image and Information from FOX KTVU.

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