Will COVID-19 Help Bring About A 4 Day Work Week?

It’s an idea that is gaining steam and popularity as people and businesses look at how they will comfortably and safely be able to return to the work place in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic; many are talking about using a 4 day work week. One of the most notable being the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Important to note with this idea is that is a compressed week of work. There are some who believe that means getting in those 40-44 hours per week in 4 days. But that would be problematic for large portions of the population; issues like fatigue leading to dangerous situations over 10 hour days.

But the concept is that you would be able to do the same amount of work within 32 hours within a the 4 day week while receiving the same pay as if you had worked 5. And it works with benefits for both sides; the employee gaining an extra day off and the company could see a great increase in productivity; a recent test by Microsoft saw an increase of 40%.

It’s not just the people, but the environment that benefits, as a 4 day work week can result in lowered pollution levels by reducing commuting hours, paper use, and power demand. so it’s good for the environment also.

So is it time for a 4 Day Work week in Canada? That will be up to all of us and those in charge as we decide if we will be shaping a new, possibly more beneficial and healthy future, or going back to how things were before.

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