What Is Christmas Tree Syndrome?

The Christmas season is here and most of us are starting to pull out our old ornaments and decorations to prepare or even begin to decorate the tree and our homes. However, as you begin draping the tinsel and wrapping the garland, there is something to be aware of – a new seasonal health issue allergists call Christmas Tree Syndrome. Christmas Tree Syndrome is how they are referring to how people are affected by the mold which we only come into contact with at this time of year.


When we bring trees into our home they also bring everything that was growing on them outside, indoors. The same goes for Christmas decorations which are often stored in garages, attics, and basements for most of the year. Those areas can be prime breeding grounds for mold and dust mites which can trigger allergies. Those who suffer from asthma should have a bit of care at this time of year, being aware that they are coming into contact with items that might trigger an attack. Experts recommend wiping down all holiday decorations before setting them up to reduce what can become airborne over the season.


In addition they warn about petroleum-based candles that produce soot and irritating particles. And Poinsettias which can bother people allergic to latex. It’s not that you need to avoid decorations or celebrating Christmas, just be aware of what you are coming in contact with so you can prepare for any allergic reactions you may have. You can be safe AND enjoy the holidays!


Merry Christmas!

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