We Honour Our Parents On Mother’s Day – GNSOTD Monday May 13th 2019

Richard Huskisson with his mother Joyce Huskisson - Photo by Richard Huskisson

Since Mother’s Day will always fall on a Sunday the only way to take the extra moment to honour our Mothers is by taking that time on a weekday and so this morning we see how some good people paid respect to their mothers on this year’s Mother’s Day. Your Good News Story of the Day is all about kids pointing out how their mothers are special.


It includes Rashad Al-Aani on her mom Karam – “Few weeks ago, I had a conversation about work-life balance with a colleague who told me you just cannot have it all. True, I cannot have it all, but my mom did it all. She’s an excellent physician, mother of four, and a wife of 28 years. My mom is the armour and anchor of our family. She immigrated to Canada at 48 years old, leaving behind an established career in pediatrics, fueled by faith and hope for a better life for her children. Nonetheless, she pursued her academic passion. She held the fort down while my dad continued to be our bread winner. ”


April Almeida on her mom Elizabeth – “My mom has been through hell and back. Yet she carries on, day by day, not allowing life’s scary stuff to affect her soul. She’s gentle, kind, warm, quiet, focuses on the little things, even when storms are swirling around her.”


Mike Des Jardins on his mom Marnie – “My mom, Marnie (Rawlinson), is a retired nurse, an energetic senior, an avid TiCat fan, and a lifelong Hamiltonian. She astonishes me every day with how much she authentically cares for people through volunteering and being a primary caregiver to her husband.”


And there is so much more to read about these moms and others as well as posts gathered from social media such as;



It’s absolutely worth clicking on through to your Good News Story of the Day here and seeing how much these folk love their moms. Then give a little appreciation to the moms in YOUR life! True, it’s no longer Mother’s Day; but that doesn’t stop them being Mothers nor should it stop your appreciation of them.


So here’s to the Moms out there including mine who took all the time needed to help me grow into a person who cares about others, who takes the time to think through things with a critical eye, who appreciates music of different varieties, loves singing songs and spending time with friends and family, and who knows how to problem solve all thanks to his mother. Thank you Mom.


Story by CBC.

Photo by Richard Huskisson

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