Was Homeless And Then His Friends Showed Up – GNSOTD Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019

Life has its ups and downs, 66-year-old Coy Featherston can certainly attest to that. He ended up on the streets of Austin after a series of unfortunate events and some mental health issues left him unable to maintain a job or a place to live. And once he started spiraling, there was just no crawling out on his own. But fortunately for Coy, he has made a lot of friends in his life. That’s how things changed for him within the span of a month.


It began with Leea Mechling, who started looking for Coy after seeing his picture in the local Austin, Texas, newspaper, she found him outside of a church. Leea says if not for the caption, she would have never recognized the talented football player who was everyone’s friend, and once voted “Best All-Around Boy.” His kindness in the past drew Leea to look for him and when she found him the blast from the past was a shock to Coy; “I was relieved because it was someone that I knew,” Coy said. But Leea wasn’t the only one looking for him… Other old friends saw his poor status in the paper as well.


J.D. Allen set Coy up with a phone and phone plan, Pat Judd helped with some dental work and got his Social Security plan in place, and Don Vanderburg helped get him off the street by offering to put him up. His friends say Coy doesn’t have any drug or alcohol problems, but he did need help and hopefully can see his life turn around. “I don’t know if I’d really gotten through it without my friends. Make friends now,” Coy said. That he has a chance now thanks to these friends, is your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more, even watch the video here. But remember to make friends when ever you can, as Coy says “You may need them some day. You may be glad that you have them – because it can happen to anyone.” Also remember that people are your friends for a reason, help them if they are in need.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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