Viral Hashtag Helps Teachers In US – GNSOTD Thursday, Sept 5th 2019

Teachers don’t always have what they need to properly teach their students and often have to spend money, out of pocket, to ensure the children get the education they need. This is a problem Jodi Haque, a Brooklyn public high school teacher, is well familiar with. A sixth-year teacher, she estimates she spends $500 to $700 a year of her own money purchasing everything from bookshelves, pencils and paper to cleaning items like hand sanitizer, tissues and paper towels. Her school provides $250 for supplies, though that number can vary. “It frustrates me to no end knowing that my kids who need the most are constantly lacking the basic materials in order to be successful,” Haque said.


It is a problem endemic in the U.S. with a recent study saying teachers spend on average $459 on school supplies for which they are not reimbursed. The problem is just as prevalent in Canada. The Canadian Teachers’ Federation says it hasn’t studied the issue recently but a 2010 survey found, on average, teachers in Canada spent $453 on classroom supplies and activities. That average had increased more than $100 from five years earlier. And while there are those putting pressure on politicians to help solve this issue there are others who are taking matters into their own hands; or wallets.


Recently, Jodie Haque opened her door and found a delivery of more than 50 books, everything she would need for her special education classes for the coming school year — all donated by Canadians. A few days earlier, Haque received an email saying a Canadian couple she’d never met had bought close to $500 US worth of reading material for her classroom. They found a wish list Haque posted on social media using the hashtag #CleartheList, a campaign to help teachers find donations of much-needed school supplies.


“I was honestly so, so blessed,” said Haque, who helps students aged 14 to 16 with a wide range of learning disabilities. So while it is by no means a permanent solution to the issue the viral campaign is certainly worth mentioning as your Good News Story of the Day which you can read more about here. And check out more on #Clearthelist.


Story and Image from CBC News.



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