Video Of Former Prima Ballerina With Alzheimer’s Goes Viral.

There is a video making the rounds online, which is quite a moving video, and has been shared by many but started by the Spanish organization Asociacion Musica para Despertar, which supports music therapy for those afflicted by memory loss.

It’s a video of a former prima ballerina with Alzheimer’s dancing a routine to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in her wheelchair. It is so beautiful to watch.

Video: Primera Bailarina – Ballet en Nueva York – Años 60 – Música para Despertar
From: YouTube
By: Música para Despertar

But there are a few big questions about it apparently. Because some news agencies tried to verify the story and found that Marta C. Gonzalez died in a care home in Valencia soon after the video was filmed last year per the BBC. But little is known about her history.

The younger woman in the video dancing on stage is a former prima ballerina from Russia’s Mariinsky Ballet, dancing a ballet known as The Dying Swan, not Swan Lake, per NPR, not Marta.

The video from association says Gonzalez was with “the New York Ballet” in the 1960s, but there’s no such company. And Gonzalez’s name is missing from a list of alumni for the New York City Ballet.

That she was a ballerina and the music has inspired her to dance moves she likely hasn’t done in ages does not seem to be in question. The video clearly and poignantly shows the power of music, dance, and the human spirit.

But where she used to dance, her story, seems to have been lost. Which makes this video an even more powerful message about Alzheimer’s, and why it’s so important to find a cure. If you wish to find out more about Alzheimer’s or help then please visit the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.


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