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This time of the year can be hectic with trying to coordinate all the events and gifts you may wish to pick up; and it is certain that online ordering has made some of the seasons gift buying easier on everyone – except delivery people. Those individuals who are out delivering orders are most busy at this time of year bringing parcels and packages to addresses all over the map. But one person found a way to help make it a little easier, and one delivery man’s reaction captured on camera has gone viral.


Kathy Ouma, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, decided she wanted to do something kind for the drivers bringing by the boxes that contained the gifts she would be giving out this year. So she put out a basket of goodies, chips/cookies/drinks, along with a laminated note that read: “Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.” She also happens to have a Ring video security system and captured one driver’s reaction. She shared the video on here Facebook page, perhaps not expecting the reaction it received.


THIS!❤️❤️ Made my day! I leave goodies out every year.#AmazonPrime

Posted by Kathy Ouma on Monday, December 2, 2019

Video by Kathy Ouma on Facebook.


There are two videos of the moment, with the second being slightly less popular, at only 5.4 million views. The first video has been viewed, as of posting, over 8.6 million times since it was posted on December 2nd. She has since identified the driver as Karim Earl Reed III, and thanked him for bringing millions of people joy.


It’s the kind of kindness that lifts hearts and inspires people. It’s your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here, and it has prompted many who have seen the video to comment that they would be doing something similar this Christmas season. Including our own Richard. Find a way to fill hearts with joy this year; just as Kathy and Karim did!


Story from ABC 15. Image from Kathy Ouma on Facebook.

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