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At a grocery store in New Hampshire there was a lesson in excellent customer service. When technical problems hit Hannaford supermarket in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, things started to get bad quickly. What was happening was an issue that often strikes store registers in this modern age of internet connectivity, a problem with the router. While this usually only impacts one register or slows down more than one, this time it was much worse. Slowly but surely the store was losing registers to the malfunctioning machines and as they did so they were forced to close lanes in a store that was far from empty. Customers began to line up by the dozens in the few registers until they were down to just one.


That is when Stevens Blanchard, who was shopping at the store, snapped a picture of the crazy scene which he posted onto his Facebook page; but not until after he found out what the up-side to the situation was!


So I’m standing in this SINGLE line at Hannaford West Lebanon, NH, at least 50 ppl deep. The registers crashed. The…

Posted by Stevens Blanchard on Monday, January 21, 2019


Fortunately for all of the shoppers at this particular grocery store the manager who works there is one who cares about their customers. Store manager Shawn Quelch has a particular view of things; “I’ve been with Hannaford for 30 years and have never experienced that kind of unique situation. I always say, ‘Our first chance is our best chance to make it right for customers.’ And I wanted to do everything in my power to make it right for those customers in line that day,” Quelch said. That is why after a quick call to corporate he and his team turned the financial fiasco into every shopper’s dream. Since Hannaford’s registers were on the fritz, it was free food for all! Now, Quelch can’t be sure exactly how much of the bill the store footed, but he estimates it was between $3,000 to $5,000 but the joy for the customers who had been stuck in a bad situation will undoubtedly lead to many being back to shop again.


It was a bad situation and one manager and the staff were able to turn it around for a lot of customers and that is good enough for a Good News Story of the Day. Read more here.


Story and Image from Today.

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