Tips For Toddler Proofing Christmas Trees

Introducing new elements to old traditions can make for some interesting interactions. Many Christmas trees have been toppled by new cats, or dogs, but also toddlers.

If you have young children who are getting interested in their surroundings they might be curious about exploring a new tree in their home. Keep that in mind when you are setting it up and you won’t have to mourn a favored ornament in the coming weeks.

The Today’s Parent website offered some tips to toddler proof your tree this year if that might be helpful.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Paper and yarn ornaments are festive and totally toddler-safe.


Anyone with a toddler knows that silence sure isn’t golden. Adorn the lower branches of your tree with bells so you can hear when your little one is admiring the O Tannenbaum a little too closely. Every time a bell rings, a toddler is probably up to no good. 


Keep curious tots at bay by wrapping large empty boxes and creating a blockade. It’s pretty and functional. If you’re not all Martha Stewart-like, forget the pretty paper packages and use a baby gate instead.

Fake it

Forgo the hassle (and cleanup) of a traditional tree with a simple washi tape tree. Make the boughs as simple or intricate as you’d like, but don’t forget the garland

Tabletop tree

Opt for a smaller tree and keep it up high, away from curious little hands. You can add all the glitz of traditional trimmings while your little one admires safely from ground level.  

Holding down the fort

A tipping tree is a legit fear. Try wrapping bricks in gift wrap (because pretty) to secure your tree stand.

Go minimalist

A simple ornament-less tree is chic and on-trend. If you can live without twinkling lights and old-timey trinkets, this alternative is safe for toddlers and quite pretty.

Get on up

Remove lower branches so dangling baubles or lights are out of a toddler’s arms-reach. Parenting win!

Shatter-proof ornaments

Shatter-proof ornaments will let kids be kids without the worry of a bajillion pieces of broken glass everywhere.

Hopefully any one or more of these tips can help you keep your traditions well, and the kiddo’s safe.


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