The Cycle Of Helping – GNSOTD Tuesday Apr 9th 2019

He was once homeless himself, and now this Central Florida teen helps others who struggle with homelessness. In Velusia County, Florida, there is a program which helps underprivileged kids in a number of ways. Food Brings Hope is a program that has been around in that area for over a decade providing services to area kids such as after-school programs providing nourishing meals, enhanced academics, hands-on banking, college tours, and opportunities to discover possible career routes. They also have the HOPE Project, which has been established to provide unaccompanied youth with a safe and stable living environment.


That is how Johnny Fluitt got off the streets and through school. Now he has joined the program as a volunteer to help other kids who might be in similar situations to the one he was in. He also has a particular connection to the program as its executive director, Judi Winch, also happens to be his principal at Westside Elementary and knew Johnny from the time he was 3. Johnny is now a senior at Mainland High School and dual enrolled at Daytona State College, while also volunteering at the elementary school and a school garden. He also has a part time job at the college. Needless to say he keeps himself busy.


You can find out more on how programs like Food Brings Hope can help kids who struggle with food insecurity or homelessness and how kids like Johnny Fluitt can help them right back in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from WESH2.

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