The Comfort Foods That Got Each State Through 2020

Comfort food is generally a matter of personal preference, but it turns out there are some interesting regional trends across the U.S. Lighting retailer e-conolight released a report this month breaking down the favorite comfort foods by state, based on recipes with the highest Google search volume in 2020.

Here’s what they found:

Grilled Cheese was the most popular comfort food overall, chosen as the top pick in six states – California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.
Fried Chicken was the second most-searched comfort food, winning out in four states – Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.
Chicken and Waffles tied for third, being chosen by three states – Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina.
Chili was also chosen by three states – Colorado, New Mexico, and Ohio.
Pot Roast is the final entry to tie for third, chosen by another three states – Idaho, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

To compile the report, the folks at e-conolight identified more than 100 foods commonly classified as “comfort foods” and then analyzed Google Trends data to see which were the most-searched across the country and in each state in the year 2020.

Visit the e-conolight website for the full report, there you can find the full comfort food breakdowns such as what the other states chose, as well as the most-searched main dishes, sides and desserts in each state.


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