Thanks To Donation Sick Student Has Unique Return To School – GNSOTD Friday, Nov 22nd, 2019

A Long Island teen, from Manhasset, New York, who was diagnosed with leukemia last May, has been unable to attend school. But through the kindness of his community, his peers, the innovation of technology, and a $6000.00 donation by the Don Monti Foundation, his “return” has been almost like he never left.


The 17-year-old, William Reccoppa, has been undergoing cancer treatments, but now he is able to return to St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset in a whole new way. With a robot. “It’s really unique to have him as a robot. Everyone thinks it’s really cool. Everything thinks it’s really freaky. It gets the whole student body excited,” Maria Reccoppa, William’s twin sister, told CBS New York’s Jennifer McLogan recently.


William operates the school robot remotely from the family’s Bayside, Queens apartment, allow it to be his eyes, ears, voice and hands while on the school grounds. This return to school has brought some normalcy back into the situation for him and his family. “Being in the hospital five months getting treatment, it’s great to finally have an almost normal school life,” William said. “It has lifted his spirits, as well as ours,” his father Joseph said. “Back then, I couldn’t imagine this day is going to come, so I am really happy,” Mother, Masae, added.


And his family are not the only one’s happy with the situation; “We’ve been praying and guess what? He’s getting better,” Principal Gerard Buckley said. “William will be back, but in the meantime he’s here with us virtually, and the students went into an uproar when the robot came rolling out.” Those prayers being answered has given the school a new spiritual lift, the family a new life with their boy, and William a new shot at his future.  He may still be feeling side effects of chemo, but said he plans to graduate on time, and then head to NYU.


This wonderful feeling is worth mentioning in your Good News Story of the Day, find it here, but pay attention to what William had to say; “It’s amazing because before this I knew my classmates and faculty were always supportive and loving, but I never really expected this much and am so grateful.” When love, support, and prayer come together, you never know what can be accomplished.


Story and Image from CBS New York.

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