Teen Spreads Positivity In Collingwood – GNSOTD Friday, Aug 23rd 2019

Earlier this month the good folks over in Collingwood woke up to a bit of a bright message; some positive hand-written messages on Neon Post-it notes had been stuck up around town. During the civic holiday weekend in August, the author of the notes, Travis Jarratt, took the 7 messages he had carefully selected and then written down on 80 neon Post-it notes with his best penmanship, and went out on the Friday morning (August 2nd) around 3 a.m. to put them up where people would be able to easily find them in the morning. He chose Hurontario Street for his anonymous kindness campaign and while he went out intending to make someone else’s day, he ended up making his own week.

You see, Jarratt, 18, suffers from anxiety and depression himself, and will often write notes to himself and leave them places he will find them later when he might need a mood boost. He and his friends will also at times exchange notes, this is where the idea came from. “I always wanted to do something to make people happy,” said Jarratt. “I do firmly believe people deserve happiness.” And as he watched people post on social media when they discovered his notes, each sharing stories about how discovering those kind notes from a stranger made them happy, he found himself getting a boost.

Like when Ursula Raehse found one of his notes that read “you are enough” on the sidewalk, it wouldn’t stick to anything anymore, and she tucked it away in her book. She went online and called it a “hug” from a stranger, and said it was just what she needed. Travis was “incredibly happy” to hear Raehse’s reaction to the Post-it messages. “It all means a lot to me really,” said Jarratt, “I wanted to take that one act of kindness and expand it to more people,” said Jarratt. “I would definitely say it was worth it.”

You can find out about which messages were his favourite in your Good News Story of the Day here. He hasn’t made any plans for another note-writing campaign, but he said he’d like to do it again sometime, but perhaps he won’t have to; perhaps someone else will take his inspiration and beat him to it.

Story and Image from Collingwood Today.

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