Teacher Gives Student’s Mother A Gift To Remember – GNSOTD Friday Dec 7

While it is fairly common for parents to encourage their children to give the teacher a gift to show their appreciation for the education they are receiving it is not often that it is the parent of a child who receives a gift from a teacher; let alone one as precious as this.


When Anahita Volk was pregnant five years ago she was informed by doctors that going through with the pregnancy would kill her, as she was developing severe kidney problems, but she decided to continue and after a near kidney failure and a premature baby brought into the world whom she named Armann, a Persian name that means “Hope” her kidneys were irreversibly damaged. At 32 she was on nightly dialysis and would wake up some nights screaming in pain. It was those nights where her older child Troy would hear her and the next day at school would not be his usual happy talkative self. That is where Donna Hoagland comes in.


Donna Hoagland was Troy’s fourth grade teacher, she would notice Troy’s change in attitude some days and decided she would call Anahita in for a Parent-Teacher conference. It was during that conference that Anahita had to explain her illness and why Troy would be sad and unfocused. Hoagland, who had already intended to donate her kidney to a high-school friend, knew the procedure that was required and how hard it is to find a donor, asked if Mrs. Volk knew what she needed to find a donor. Anahita said that the first step was to find someone of the same blood type, and when Donna jokingly asked if she happened to be A+ Anahita responded she was.


It turned out the two were a match, and when Donna Hoagland’s friend was determined no longer eligible for a transplant, that desperately needed organ went to Troy’s mother. It ended up being a Christmas gift that saved a life and a year later the Volk family is still grateful.


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Story and Image from People.com

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