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Pizza Delivery Driver Gets Massive Tip Thanks To TikTok Family – GNSOTD Mon, Sept. 28th 2020

Derlin Newey of Utah, is an 89-year-old pizza delivery driver. He delivers for Papa John’s about 30 hours a week. He said that he started the job after realizing he couldn’t live solely on social security. One of the customers

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Arise Brantford Verse for the Week of September 28th, 2020

Your Arise Brantford Verse for the Week of September 28th, 2020 is 1 Thessalonians 5:3  When people are saying, All is well and secure, and there is peace and safety, then in a moment unforeseen destruction will come upon them as

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Good News Story Of The Day For Friday Sept 28

When someone goes through their life spreading joy and good energy it is nice to see that recognized. That is the case for Herman Gordon who moved from Jamaica to the U.K. when he was just 12 years old. It

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