Survey Shows 40% Of U.S. Parents Will Continue Home Education.

A new survey from the US shows that even though the majority of parents are hoping that schools will open in the fall so they can send the kids back, a significant number of parents plan on continuing to home school regardless of if schools open or not. 

The survey, conducted by Real Clear Opinion Research found that among the 2,122 families surveyed, just over 40% of them claimed that they would most likely keep their kids at home and will use distance learning until the pandemic ends, no matter what their local and state governments decide about school closures.

It seems that health is a primary motivator for many of these families; though not all. A number of respondents suggested that they might continue to home school their children regardless, either because the effort of getting them ready and sending them to school was more than keeping them at home, or because they like having more control over their child’s education.

It’s an interesting survey that will give educators something to consider before they are put in a position of re-opening to students; especially considering they might need to make adjustments to better suit the variety of needs of the students and their parents.


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