Survey Says 9 In 10 Parents Wish They Had Superpowers

There are no shortcuts or easy ways to being a parent. You have kids and that means you have responsibilities to take care of them and try your best to raise them. It’s just how it goes.

But, according to a recent study involving 2000 moms and dads, almost all of them wish they had a little help with it, a little super powered help. According to this survey 90% of parents wish they had a super power to help them with parenting.

Apparently the most popular super power is invisibility, many said so they could get a moments peace. But there are also some unusual super power requests; like a power to make the kids keep their rooms tidy, or the ability to never feel tired.

The research also revealed 66 per cent of parents say their children are ‘superhero fans’, and a quarter have even dressed up as one of the current crop of heroes, while more than half have used lines such as ‘Thor would eat all his vegetables’ at dinnertime, to make kids eat things they may not like.

57 per cent of parents also believe superheroes are inspirational role models for their children. 54 per cent say this is due to a belief that superheroes teach how to have compassion and how to help others. 3 in 10 of those polled, via OnePoll, think superheroes show skills in intelligence or problem solving that are good lessons for youngsters to learn.

So it isn’t just the powers that parents are looking at, but also the impact these superheroes can have on their children as they grow. Having good role-models is an important part of a persons development.

Here are the Top 20 Superpowers Parents Wish They Had:

  1. Invisibility
  2. Flying
  3. Time travel
  4. Teleportation
  5. Super strength
  6. Super healing abilities
  7. Telepathy
  8. Super speed
  9. Talking to animals
  10. Super intelligence
  11. Never feeling tired
  12. The ability to stop time
  13. Immortality
  14. Constantly full of energy
  15. Being able to breathe underwater
  16. Being able to get ready – showered, dressed, clean teeth etc – at the click of a finger
  17. Invulnerability (impossible to hurt in any way)
  18. Psychic
  19. X-Ray vision
  20. Become a human lie detector – instantly know when someone isn’t quite telling the truth


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