Support Pours In For Online Bullied Book Lover – GNSOTD Tues, Mar 3rd 2020

Callum Manning, 13, had just started at a new school in South Shields, England, when he created an Instagram account reviewing some of the recent books he had read. When some of his fellow students found out they began mocking him in a group chat that he was able to see, though he was blocked from responding.

This kind of bullying can be devastating for a young person, fortunately Callum has supportive family members and his older sister sent out a tweet that changed just about everything.

Callum’s sister, Ellis Landreth tweeted on Saturday that she “could not believe how awful” some people were. Her post went viral and has attracted overwhelmingly positive responses from all corners of the world. “He’s even been invited to visit the Instagram head office.” Ellis says.

These supporting messages also included a few book stores who offered free books, as did several authors from Neil Gaiman to Matt Haig. One of those authors was Callum’s favourite writer Caroline Kepnes who sent him a message of encouragement and offered to send him copies her books to review.

This support has been brilliant for Callum, and his online presence; he now has 313,000 followers. And it’s been a reminder that kindness can defeat hate any day.

If you want to know about Callum, what he was facing before and how a good deed can go a long way, you should check out your Good News Story of the Day here. But it really is brilliant how it turned out, and in Ellis’ words “It’s just bonkers but in a really good way, that we’ve been able to turn a negative into a positive.”

Story and Image from BBC News.

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