Support For Ontario Families With Children Kept Home Due To COVID

Good news for Ontario families who have children who are not going to be in school or child care because of COVID-19. There is now funding available.

Until August 31st, 2020, parents/guardians/or caregivers can apply for direct one-time funding to offset the cost of buying materials to support their children’s learning, while they practice self-isolation and physical distancing.

Eligible parents will receive a one-time payment, per child, of:

  • $200 for children aged 0 to 12
  • $250 for children or youth aged 0 to 21 with special needs

There is no income cap on this program. All parents are eligible if you have custody of a child who is:

  • aged 0 to 12
  • aged 0 to 21 with special needs

If you have more than one child, you must submit one application per child.

This funding can help parents with the costs of work books, educational apps, educational subscription services, movies and other tools to support learning at home.

To complete the application, you will need:

  • the name of your child’s school and school board (if applicable)
  • your child’s date of birth
  • your banking information, if you are requesting payment by direct deposit
  • a valid email address

Then submit your application at the website.


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