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The Super Bowl may be a giant sporting event, full of entertainment, but it is also fairly problematic; with it’s consumption culture, questionable team names, and promotion of a violent sport. But at least one good thing is coming from this year’s game, thousands of hungry will eat in Florida.

Thanks to the work of several non-profits and their volunteers, an estimated 30,000 pounds of food will have been distributed to five shelters in southern Florida this week. The massive undertaking is the first major food recovery effort to follow a Super Bowl.

Collected from catered VIP sections, concession stands, and suites, the leftovers include everything from beef tenderloin and barbecue chicken to grilled ribs and charcuterie plates. Volunteers from Food Rescue US, Centerplate Hospitality, and the NFL Green initiative worked in shifts to get the food out of the stadium and into trucks so it could be delivered to the Broward Outreach Center, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Camillus House, Lotus House Shelter, and the Miami Rescue Mission.

This effort is certainly worth being your Good News Story of the Day, and you can read more on it here, but thanks to Food Rescue US since 2011, enough food to prepare 36 million meals has been delivered to shelters, and 50 million pounds of still-edible goods have been kept out of trash bins and landfills.

Fantastic work.

Story and Image from Food & Wine.

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