Students Wave Goodbye To Grandmother One More Time – GNSOTD Tuesday Apr 30th 2019

A Great-Grandmother from Comox, B.C. was used to waving to students at a nearby high school in the morning, she had been doing so since 2007, but last Thursday Tinney Davidson was greeted by 400 students all at once. They wanted to wave good morning one more time.


Tinney began the tradition of waving to the students from her front window with her late husband in 2007 when she noticed the students would often look toward her home. “I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought, ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them,’ and that’s how it started,” Davidson said during an interview in 2014. She lives in a white rancher on Guthrie Road near Highland Secondary School and when her husband passed she continued the tradition.


But now the kids won’t have Tinney waving to them from her window any longer, because at 88 years-old, she is moving to an assisted living home. More than 400 students walked to Davidson’s house together to give one more wave goodbye. They crammed together on her front lawn with bouquets of flowers and handmade signs. They wanted to show her their appreciation and to do that  the teenagers counted down from three to blow her a group kiss. “Love you,” one student said before turning to leave. Davidson waved and said bye back, sitting in a chair that had been set out for her on the front porch. “I was shocked again that’s there’s so many kids that want to say goodbye to me,” she said.


Hundreds of students marched to Davidson’s house on Thursday. (CHEK News via CBC)


It’s not the first time the kids had shown their appreciation, they had done so previously on Valentines Day in 2016, but she was still taken aback. It is easy to be caught off-guard by how impactful kindness can be. But that is more motivation to bring kindness to the world in any way you can; even if it is just waving to strangers.


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Story and Images from CBC.

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