Students Stop Food Waste; Send It To Food Banks – GNSOTD Tue, May 12th 2020

A group of students, which was started by two from Brown University in Rhode Island, but includes grads from the University of Southern California, Dartmouth College, Stanford University, the Harvard School of Business, and Cornell University, along with a network of volunteers. Some pretty bright kids, indeed.

When these young people found out that farmers across the U.S. were having to throw out a lot of the food they had grown, or leave it to rot in the fields, and were losing money doing it; they knew something had to be done about it!

That’s why they created FarmLink. A grassroots movement to fight hunger and restore jobs during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and so far they have moved more than 239,000 pounds of food from farmers to food banks and paid more than $4,500 in wages, according to their website.

Yes, that’s right: Food banks. “Our goal is to get produce where it is needed most,” Will Collier, a senior at Brown and member of the FarmLink team, said. “No food bank should have to turn people away during this crisis.”

It’s not enough that the farmers were suffering losses due to the closures of restaurants and schools; but with so many newly unemployed there was a sudden and great need at the Food Banks. So they stepped up and filled a bridge in the network. This group has moved food in multiple states and helped SO many farms but also countless thousands of hungry people get the produce they need!

They are the focus of your Good News Story of the Day and you can find out more about them; here. But before you go wondering if Ontario has similar programs available – we do! Including the Farm to Food program by Feed Ontario.

Story and Image from NowThis News.

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