Students Help Bullied Classmate – GNSOTD Tuesday, Sept 17th 2019

One in five high school students in the United States reported being bullied on school property, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said in 2018. The CDC says bullying can manifest itself in physical behavior, like pushing, as well as teasing, name calling and excluding someone from social situations. That is why the following story has been garnering much attention – it shows that students still know how to care for each other even when bullying occurs.


It’s from MLK College Preparatory in Memphis, Tennessee, where Kristopher Graham and Antwann Garrett attend school. The two teens had seen a fellow student being bullied about the clothing he wore to school; the same outfit every day. Michael Todd, a freshman who is new to the Memphis-area school, did not have much in the way of options and so the other students took notice, some of them being less than kind about it. But Graham and Garrett decided that was wrong, and they discussed what they could do, and then surprised Todd with a bag full of the clothes they could spare.


Another student nearby captured the moment on video and a posting of it online began to spread and inspired people to respond with the hashtags #stopbullying and #bekind.


We Did It Out Of Love💚💯NOT For Clout😪💔

Posted by Twann Lovee on Monday, 9 September 2019


It is your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more about it here. But pray that we always remember that kindness is better than disdain, charity is better than selfishness, love is better than hate. Thanks be to God for people like these.


Story and Image from ABC News.

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