Student Helps Fellows With Supply Closet – GNSOTD Tuesday, Sept 3rd 2019

An eighth grader from Louisiana is making sure his classmates have everything they need this school year. Thirteen-year-old Chase Neyland-Square, a student at Port Allen Middle School in Louisiana, has created a closet in his middle school filled with clothes and school supplies for students to take. The idea was born through the school’s SPARK (Student Program for Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge program), where students brainstorm ideas for projects over the summer and then work to implement them. Principal Jessica Major started the program in 2016 with the goal of creating young leaders and it seems to have worked!


Neyland-Square runs “PAM’s Pantry” out of a closet behind a stage in the school’s gym. It’s filled to the brim with donated clothes, which can be worn by any student in need. Families in the community can come take clothes from the closet at any time, no questions asked. “They had a family, a Port Allen family who suffered from a fire, so they came in and got a whole new closet full of clothes,” he said. But it’s not just clothes. The closet is also filled with a variety of school supplies, hygiene products, shoes and more to help students who in need.


It is a wonderful idea, filled with love, and he intends to keep working on it with the idea of making it a non-profit that goes beyond the halls of the school. If you would like to read more you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here. If you would like to see more like this in your community, consider discussing with those in authority how you can affect such change.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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