Strangest Or Sweetest Reason For A Superbowl Ad?

It might be the most unusual reason to spend $6 million dollars (US) in recent memory. David MacNeil, who owns the company WeatherTech, bought a $6 million 30-second 2020 Super Bowl commercial to say thank you.

The commercial begins with the cute Golden Retriever pup and features a voiceover saying, “Hi, I’m Scout and I’m a lucky dog. And it’s not just because I found a cool stick, or because I was in the WeatherTech commercial on the big game last year. It’s that I’m a cancer survivor, had a tumor on my heart and only a one percent chance of survival.”

Video: WeatherTech Superbowl ad featuring Scout
From: Youtube
By: UWMadison

Due to cutting edge technology at UW Veterinary Care, Scout was able to receive treatment and now the tumor has “has all but disappeared.”

And while it is totally understandable that MacNeil would want to thank the veterinarians who saved the life of his dog Scout. It has to be asked was this strange, or sweet? Could that money have gone to a better cause and a simple card been used? Or would you go this big to say thank you? Let us know.

Information, Video, and Image from Youtube.

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