Star Words For Epiphany

There is a tradition that some churches have used to mark Epiphany which has been around some years and is making it’s way further abroad this year. It’s called Star Words or Star Gifts depending on where you learn about it from.


The premise is this: the magi followed the star to find baby Jesus, bringing their gifts. We are also seeking Jesus, trusting God can/does use many signs (or stars) to guide us closer to the Divine presence.


Every person on Epiphany Sunday receives a star word, a word printed in a colourful piece of paper with a word on it, and is asked to reflect on that word for the coming year. The people are invited to ponder what significance this word might have in their lives, and how God might be speaking to them through that simple message.


Language can be powerful, taken on its own a single word can often have many meanings, to be able to ponder one word and search for guidance in it for a year can be an enlightening experience indeed. There are many words that can be chosen to represent the star words you might wish to use, and the list need not be overly long, but the more diversity the wider range of impact the words may have.


While you are free to search for your own source of words if you would like one that is fairly extensive and has been passed down for over a decade you can find it below. But what ever words you might select for your group; be it a congregation, a family gathering, or your Facebook friends, remember that it is not about selecting the words, or even enforcing them, let them be traded or picked however they might be. Trust that the right word will find the person it is meant for in the end.


You can read more about Star Gifts here.


The following list contains over 400 words.


ability abundance acceptance acclaim accomplishment accord acknowledgment activity advantage adventure affection affirmation affirming agreement agreeableness amazement approachability approval assurance availability awakening awe balance beauty beginning belief birthing blessing bliss brightness calling caring challenge change charity cheer cheerfulness choice cleansing comfort commission commitment communication communion community companionship competence complete comprehension concentration confession confidence confirmation consecration consequence constancy contemplation content continuity conviction cordiality counsel courage creativity curiosity daring decision dedication delight deliverance dependability depth desiring determination devotion difference direction discern discipleship discipline discovery distinction eagerness ease edification embracing empowering encouragement endurance energy enjoyment enlightenment equality esteem exaltation examination example excellence excitement exploration extravagance exuberance faith faithfulness family favor feeling fellowship fervor festivity firmness fitness flexibility focus forbearance forgiveness forgiving foundation fragrance freedom freeing freshness friendship fruitfulness fulfillment fun future generosity gentleness genuineness giving gladness glory Godliness goodness gospel grace graciousness gratitude greatness growing guidance happiness harmony healing health heart help helpfulness holiness honesty honor hope hopefulness hospitality humility humor imagination improvement increase independence individuality inheritance innocence insight inspiration instruction integrity intercession interdependence interest intimacy invitation journey joy joyfulness justice kindness knowledge language laughter leadership lenience liberty life light lightheartedness listening lively longevity longing love loyalty maturity mediation meekness melody memory mercy ministry miracle mobility music mystery nature neighborliness newness obedience offering oneness open-hearted open-minded open opportunity optimism order organization pardon participation passion path path-finding peace peacemaking perception perseverance perspective persuasion piety plan pleasantness pleasure plenty possibility power practice prayer prepare presence presentation proclamation production promise prophecy provision prudence purpose quiet quietness readiness reassurance reception receptivity recognition recovery recreation redemption refinement refresh rejoicing relationship release remembrance renewal repair repentance resourcefulness respect response rest restoration restraint revelation righteousness safety salvation sanctification security seeking self-control self-sufficiency serenity service sharing silence simplicity sincerity single-minded softness solemnity solitude song speech spirit spirituality splendor steadfastness stillness strength success support surrender sustenance tact talent teaching tenderness testimony thankfulness thoughtfulness time togetherness tolerance tough tranquility triumph true trust truth understanding uniqueness unity valor venture value victory vigilance vision vitality welcoming wholeness will wisdom witness wonder wonderment work worship worth yielding zeal


The list was found here.

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