Special Homes For Homeless Veterans – GNSTOD Wednesday, Oct 30th 2019

Adapting to civilian life can be hard for veterans, particularly those who return from service with physical and psychological scars, which can make finding jobs and housing difficult. That is why many end up homeless; it is estimated that there are 3,500 Canadian veterans who are currently experiencing homelessness, and more who are barely getting by.


That is why there is a lot of excitement about a village opening up in Calgary this week. Many tiny homes have been constructed with a specific purpose. The buildings will house veterans in need, part of a project led by the Homes for Heroes Foundation in collaboration with the Mustard Seed and ATCO. All told 15 homes are being provided to Calgary Veterans beginning on Friday, November 1st, with each home coming in under 300 square feet, and including the basics of an apartment: a kitchen, a bathroom and a place to sleep. Residents in the village will also have access to individualized counselling and resources to connect them to other services in an effort to prevent them from ending up back on the street.


It may not be a palace, but it is a far sight better than the streets. Tine homes may be the solution to homelessness troubles all across the country and this village is just the first of several being planned specifically for Veterans. If you want to know more check out your Good News Story of the Day here. Considering each village is estimated to cost between $3.5 and $5 million it could be this is the solution to our Nation’s homelessness trouble.


Story and Image from CBC.

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