South Australia Bans Single Use Plastics – GNSOTD Fri, Sept. 11th 2020

South Australia has passed a law that will ban single use plastics. Legislation banning the sale, supply and distribution of single use plastic products like straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers passed the State Parliament this week.

The Government had flagged its intention to ban the products by the middle of this year but that was delayed due to the pandemic. It now says the ongoing impacts of coronavirus on businesses will see the rules come into force in 2021. This makes it the first Australian province to pass such a law, though there is another being debated in Queensland that could quickly become the second.

This law being passed is being called historic, and it really could be a big deal for the environmental systems in Australia and the ocean. But it’s also already getting push back from those who profit on plastic. Some are saying that they were not clear enough in what single use meant, others are saying retailers don’t have enough time to adjust to the new law; that last one is a bit silly since the new rules aren’t in force and there is no actual date for them to come into force except sometime next year. Not sure how you can complain about not having enough time when there’s possibly a year and a half to make adjustments.

But South Australia is not done either, State Environment Minister David Speirs said “Over the next couple of years I think we’ll move quickly towards being single-use plastic free, there’s a real hunger in the community.”

Well done to South Australia, this effort to protect the environment is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here. And a reminder that even though the conversation about the Climate Crisis has been pushed aside due to the pandemic and other issues, it did not go away. The problem still looms and still needs to be dealt with and the time for waiting is long over.

Story and Image from ABC News.

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