Some Good News – GNSOTD Thur, Apr 9th 2020

Last week there was a video put out by actor, filmmaker, and funny man John Krasinski which has taken the world by storm. It was called “Some Good News” and it is essentially a compilation of good news stories plus what little twists Krasinski could put on it.

It seems he wanted a News program dedicated to good news only, and failing to find one, he created his own. Reaching out to his millions of twitter followers he asked for stories that cheered them up and turned a selection into the first video which he put up on the newly formed Some Good News Youtube channel.

This inspired many people to put together their own; even the CBC this week released ‘some good news‘ of their own!

This week the second episode of Some Good News came out and Krasinski had a little fun with mentions of copyright concerning all of the various copycat videos. Any concern that the tongue-in-cheek comments were lost when he applauded them all and encouraged everyone to do likewise if they wished.

You can read all about Some Good News, in your Good News Story of the Day, in the link here. And don’t worry, we did point out the GNSOTD to John Krasinski on Twitter, just in case he didn’t find us yet. Now grab yourself a box of tissue, settle in, and go watch Some Good News!

Story and Image from CityNews.

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