Snow Buddies Requested By Brant County

Keeping sidewalks and driveways free of snow and ice helps keep citizens safe but this task can be very difficult for some. That is why the County of Brant is encouraging all youth (12 years and older) and adults to consider being a Snow Buddy to a person in need in their neighborhood. Snow Buddies are individuals who agree to volunteer their time and energy to clear snow for those who need assistance and according to Sarah Dredge, Recreation Coordinator for the County of Brant this year, there are a record number of citizens requesting help shoveling driveways and walkways, she said “we need your help.”


Snow Buddies is a volunteer program and volunteers are matched with a resident in their neighborhood and may receive volunteer hours or a small fee for the snow removal. To sign up to be a Snow Buddy or to request a Snow Buddy in the County of Brant, please contact Sarah Dredge, Recreation Coordinator for the County of Brant at 519.442.1818 x 3254 or


Last year the City of Brantford ran a similar program, but a search for any updated information was unsuccessful, however it could be that the information is unchanged and if you would like to contact them for any updates you can find that previous information here.

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