Sisterly Love Shown In Viral Video – GNSOTD Monday, Oct 21st 2019

Sometimes the simple things in life are the ones that bring you joy, in this case it is a viral video of a pair of sisters after school. In the video, shared online by Mom Jennifer Borget, you can see a little girl waiting excitedly to give her bigger sister a big hug after she gets off the school bus. The girls are her daughters Aliyah, 1, and Jayda, 9, who apparently love each other very much. In fact Jennifer even put up a story on a website telling the tale of how much they love each other – and it’s as sweet as you think it is!


But the video in question, the one sparking this Good News Story of the Day is sweet enough on it’s own and enough people think so that it has been viewed across it’s various shares more than 10 million times.


Video by jenniferborget on Instagram.


But you know what might make it better? According to your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here, there is a second video where the brother gets a welcome home too, though it doesn’t go quite the same.


Story and Image from People.

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