Sidewalk Chalk Cheers Up Hospital Workers – GNSOTD Mon, Apr 6th 2020

During the COVID-19 Pandemic there are few working harder than the front-line healthcare workers at hospitals. Which is why many have looked for ways to bring cheer and brighten there days.

In recent days, workers at New Orleans’ Ochsner Medical Center who take the familiar stroll from the parking lot to the main entrance have been greeted with expressions of gratitude from an unnamed artist.

They find these pieces of art sketched out on the sidewalk, and though they are not overly complicated they do bring a breath of relief in a stressful time.

“If you’re just arriving, thank you for what you’re about to do,” says one.

And a little further along: “You are extraordinary.”

And for those finishing their shifts: ”If you are leaving, thank you … Rest well.”

“It definitely meant a lot to me and was a surprise, a colorful surprise, walking out and going home to go to bed after a long shift,” said first-year resident Leslie Miller, who works in the hospital’s pediatric care unit. Miller also said hospital employees are used to dealing with heightened stress but for many, the coronavirus has taken stress and anxiety to another level. The messages are a balm.

They “give us hope,” said lab technician Minerva Martin. And if we can give hope to those who keep hope alive for others then that is truly a Good News Story of the Day. You can find today’s story here. But please be sure to take this message of hope and spread it; especially to those who need it most in this difficult situation.

Story and Image from the Associated Press.

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