Sick Child Stuck In Room Gets Visitors – GNSOTD Monday, Sept 9th 2019 – UPDATED

Tara and Jarlath Waters learned in February that their son’s life was in jeopardy when he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a fast-growing tumor on his brain stem. It was a day after the 3-year-old Quinn Waters birthday when an MRI revealed that he had a lime-size tumor just above his brain stem. After surgery, several rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, Tara and Jarlath Waters took doctor’s orders and brought their son home to live in isolation until October — when doctors hope that another MRI will reveal that his immune system is healthy again.


But what does an active little boy who was looking forward to his first year of preschool do when cooped up in a room unable to leave? How do you help him? You listen to your bible – Matthew 25:36 “I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’” This young sick child, whose room had become his prison, was in need if care and visitors. And visit they did!


It began with two of his uncles stopping by his bedroom window, then it was a family friend with a guitar, then some of his police officer Mother’s co-workers, and then entire Weymouth and Quincy, Mass., police and fire departments came by with lights flashing. Now hundreds of strangers have come by to turn his front lawn into a stage of sorts since June. Thus far, Tara said, Quinn has seen a carnival, Irish dancing, dog tricks and a variety of parades — all from his seat at the front window. Jarlath Waters said he marvels daily at how people have rallied to brighten their son’s summer. “We opened the window,” he said, “and the world showed up.”


This is truly God’s love being shown by Quinn’s neighbours, and it’s your Good News Story of the Day which you can read here. Quinn has become a household name in his home town, he may be free to leave his room again come next month, but until then he has good people to come and see him and lift his spirits. May we all be so blessed.


Story and Image from the Washington Post.




There has been an update to this story that makes it even better. With all the love from his community continuing over the last month there has been even better news as of Sunday Sept. 29th. Mighty Quinn left his bedroom. On Sunday, as with many days, the Waters house was a busy one. About 300 souped up sports cars, hot-rods, vintage cars and any vehicle you could imagine belonging to the Spindles Auto Club drove by; engines revving and horns honking to the delight of the boy. Friends and family gathered for the impromptu parade on the Waters’ front lawn. Batman and a group of Disney princesses even came to greet Quinn, who received a number of presents including a car signed by the NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Neighbors gathered around a folding table, stacked with coffee and donuts. But the real joy came after the excitement died down, with the television cameras gone and his window closed, Quinn came out of the house with his 7-year-old sister Maggie and her friend, Renee Walsh. Before the left the home the 3-year-old said hello to some friends that stopped by and spoke to his next-door neighbors.


But while he was stuck inside, Quinn and his sister, Maggie, had both talked about going to the beach. So parents Tara and Jarlath Waters packed the kids in the car and headed off to enjoy their Sunday together, something that shuttling back and forth from the hospital hasn’t allowed them to do much over the last year.


Update from WCVB5.

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