Shop Owner Gives Gift To Student – GNSOTD Fri, July 24th 2020

Two weeks ago at the family owned Remarkable Cleanouts, a thift store in Massachusetts, a young man came in and asked if he could play the piano they had on display. One of the workers there said yes and then began filming when he started playing.

Young man asked permission to play and I asked permission to post the video. It’s a great day here at the mill! Come on down!

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She describes the moment saying that everyone in the store just stopped to listen as he played Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. She asked if she could put the video online, he said yes, and then left.

That was it, for a bit. Then the video started getting thousands of views; and the store owner Mark Waters said he wanted to thank the young man for the beautiful moment in his shop, he invited him to come play any time, even offered to give him the piano if he had room for it or pay him to come play if he didn’t. Only one problem, they didn’t know who he was!

Here come the internet slueths! It took less than a week for the piano man to be identified as John Thomas Archer, who had no idea that his story was gaining so much attention! “I’m very happy. I didn’t know people liked it as much as they did. I’m glad to see it was a positive result.

He also explained his song choice as being the first song he learned to play on the Piano. “I had an old counselor at a program I was in, taught me all the time. I would sit there for hours on hours trying to master it.”

So what happened? Well, he went back and met with Mark, who true to his word offered him the Piano, and even found volunteers to deliver it to John’s fourth floor apartment. You can find your Good News Story of the Day here.

We would like to thank all of the people and companies who offered their help and donation of their services to move the…

Posted by ReMARKable Cleanouts on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Story from Newsweek.

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