Shaving Head To Support Sick Friend – GNSOTD Friday May 31st 2019

The three girls, who are all members of the local softball and hockey teams in Chandler, Arizona, were together on Tuesday supporting one of their own who is going through a very hard time. Leighton Accardo was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her family never saw it coming. “They discovered multiple masses throughout her abdomen, in her liver and on her lungs,” said Carly Accardo, Leighton’s mom. “They started [chemotherapy] the next day.”


For the 7-year-old girl who usually spends her days on the softball field, the past two weeks have especially difficult as she spent her time in the hospital. Part of chemotherapy is often hair loss and to avoid looking odd as it happened Leighton decided she was going to get her head shaved after a game on Tuesday. She immediately had support from her friends as they made up signs saying #ShavinforLeighton. “I’m not scared. My friends are here with me right now,” Leighton said. Two of the girls even decided to get their heads shaved at the same time in solidarity. So she wouldn’t feel alone.


It’s a wonderful expression of love, of caring for the sick, of not judging someone because something about them is different. It is beautiful and it is your Good News Story of the Day which you can learn more about here.


Story and Image from AZ Family.

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