Sewing Needed Supplies – GNSOTD Tue, Mar 31st 2020

All around the world there has been a growing effort, a virtual army of workers with a single cause, providing the needed supplies for Healthcare workers who are on the front lines against the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. And how are they doing that? With needle and thread; or a sewing machine if they have it.

Amanda Leonard and her mom Nancy are among those seamstresses who have turned their skills to sewing masks. In the United States you’ll find many of the largest fabric stores have turned to making kits for volunteers to assemble these face masks at home; complete with all the materials and instructions.

In Amanda and Nancy’s case it was a chance to spend time together and for Amanda to learn a new skill. At least, that’s how it started, now it is a mission. “It feels wonderful to be able to do something to help,” they said. While these homemade masks are not a replacement for the medical grade ones, they can be beneficial in certain situations.

You can find more by watching the video for your Good News Story of the Day; here. This is also a great example of taking something as an opportunity instead of a sufferance. There’s ways in which you can come together even though it feels as though we’ve been pushed apart. And you can be of great service in this time should you only look for the best way to use your own skills.

Story and Image from NBC News.

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