Serena Williams Sending Facemasks To Schools For Kids – GNSOTD Tue, Aug 11th 2020

Serena Williams is helping students stay safe amid the ongoing health pandemic. The 38-year-old tennis pro has partnered with Bella + Canvas, the National School Board Association, and Scholastic to help provide over four million face masks to 115,000 schools across the United States.

“Getting back to school this fall means having #masksforkids to wear,” Serena wrote on Instagram. “I’m teaming up with @bellacanvas, the National School Board Association and @scholasticinc to donate 4.25 million masks to underserved schools and provide educational materials about masks to 54 million students and all 115,00(0) schools in the United States.”

She’s not just trying to take care of a few students, but ALL students in the county. But there’s more; through the #MasksForKids program, schools can access affordable masks and educational materials, quickly. In addition to donating 4.25 million masks, another mask will be donated for each one purchased by the schools. So even when the donated masks run out the schools can double their mask acquisition thanks to this program.

That means there is no reason any student from those 115,000 schools should have to be without a mask. And as we’ve learned, the masks work. They’re one of the simplest and most effective tools against this COVID-19 Coronavirus. If you want to see all the details you can in your Good News Story of the Day, here.

Serena ended her message “I’m grateful to be able to help educate our schools about this resource, and to be given the opportunity to serve so many students.” We’re grateful for people like Ms. Williams.

Story and Image from Sports Illustrated.

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