Senior Pet Adoption Agency Gives Older Pet Owners A Boost – GNSOTD Thur, Oct. 29th 2020

Pets for the Elderly, first founded in 1992, announced this week that it is expanding its grant program to include animal care assistance at participating shelters.

This expansion will help seniors (aged 60 and up) cover the costs of vet appointments, food, grooming, and in-home visits, in which shelters will check in on the pet owners.

This is going to mean that even more seniors will be able to adopt pets, since for some the expense of care has been a prohibitive aspect. It’s also in line with the organizations modus operandi; since its founding, Pets for the Elderly has helped nearly 100,000 seniors across the country pay their pet adoption fees.

Executive director Susan Kurowski said helping to connect people with pets — and giving them assistance in caring for those pets — is even more important amid the current coronavirus pandemic. “Now, especially with COVID, bridging this whole isolation gap with companionship is going to show — when we look back — as being key to so many people’s mental wellness,” she told Today. “And you don’t have to live alone to feel isolated.” She added, “Seniors take better care of themselves because somebody’s counting on them. They maintain a routine. They take their vitamins and their prescriptions on time because there’s someone relying on them, and that is so important.”

Michigan resident Pat Smith adopted her dog, Brady, from a local shelter and qualified for a discount from Pets for the Elderly. She told Today her pooch has gotten her “moving around a lot more.” “He’s a wonderful companion,” Smith, 71, said. “He’s very active, but he really is my best buddy. No matter where I go in my house, he follows me. He’s a real comfort to me.” “I just think everybody should have a pet,” she added.

You will find you are more careful with your own health and wellbeing if someone else is relying on you for theirs. It should be no surprise then that this group giving even more to help both people and pets to have longer, fuller, lives is your Good News Story of the Day, find more here.

“Seniors take better care of themselves because somebody’s counting on them,” Susan Kurowski said.

Story and Image from People.

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