School Completes Kindness Challenge In Record Time – GNSOTD Thursday June 20th 2019

Do Kind is a nonprofit organization that challenges schools to complete a kindness competition. If you were to go to the website for the organization at the time of posting of this story you would find the following: “THEY DID IT! WOODLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN MILFORD, MA JUST SET THE RECORD BY COMPLETING THE #DOKIND CHALLENGE IN 12 HOURS! Although they had 24 hours to complete it, their school community rallied around the mission of #DoKind and made our world a bit better than what it was yesterday! CONGRATULATIONS!”


So what s this kindness competition? It is just that, the school must document 50 acts of kindness in 24 hours. The acts of kindness can range from giving donations to paying compliments to lending a helping hand. If students, staff and families manage it, their school wins $500. Schools need to be specific about how they’d use the winnings, assuming they complete the Do Kind challenge. The money must be used for community or curriculum endeavors.


How did Woodland Elementary manage it in 12 hours? They held their own “Kindness Day” that included students making their way to various classrooms giving cards to teachers and getting hugs in return. Including third-graders Gabriel Rodrigues and Cody Geoffroy who teamed up to make a special thank you for their teaching assistant Brenda Phillips. “For them to make a card for me really made me feel good,” Phillips said. Which really is the whole point of Do Kind. To show how even the simplest acts can make a difference.


“It’s one thing to preach kindness and to ask our staff and our students to be kind,” Tim Fauth, founder of Do Kind and vice principal at Grafton Middle School, said. “But it’s another thing to do acts of kindness. We have to physically show and demonstrate what those acts of kindness are, so that it does have that ripple effect to hopefully change the world.”


This inspiring story of a school setting a record in kindness is your Good News Story of the Day and it comes with a video from the organization who brought it to us which you can find here. Here’s to that ripple effect and changing the world for the better.


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