Scarf Bombing A Good Thing In Golden Valley – GNSOTD Tues, Jan 28th 2020

Scarf-bombings are believed to have originated four years ago in Ottawa, Ontario, with a do-gooder tying knitted scarves around statues with a note that said the scarves were free to those who needed them. Scarves were later found wrapped around lamp posts in Winnipeg. At the same time, people in Pennsylvania were leaving hats, gloves and scarves on park benches and at bus stops.

An influx of scarf-bombings has caught the attention of people across the metro area. And more are on the horizon thanks to the generosity of one Golden Valley woman.

That woman is Michelle Ungerman Christensen, 49, who decided she would spread kindness, and clothing such as coats, gloves, sweaters and more, in her area to help the homeless in the cold. That is how she ended up gathering 40 volunteers on a coach bus (the $800 rental fee anonymously covered by a donor) to disperse thousands of items in Minneapolis’ Loring Park and St. Paul’s Kellogg Park last winter.

While they were there cars pulled over next to the bus and passengers took the jackets off their backs and tied them around a tree. Just complete strangers inspired by witnessing acts of kindness.

But it is also important to recognize not everyone has such resources at their disposal.

Christensen leans on professional connections through her work for donations of items and money; last year, she raised $5,000 to buy food, toiletries, wool socks, sleeping bags and more. On top of that; fellow volunteers reach out with other items to donate.

This year, they ventured into making durable denim quilts which they personally hand out to the homeless. Christensen is in the midst of a new project: mats made of “plarn” (plastic yarn) which will be donated to the homeless to rest on instead of on the cold concrete.

It is clear she has the time and the funding to do great acts. But all you need is a few dollars and a few minutes to pick up a scarf and tie it to a tree; or use your skills and free time if you have them to make such items and have someone else do the delivery for you. Everyone can make an impact if they choose. And that’s what is beautiful about this Good News Story of the Day, find in full here – it all started with a good deed.

“One Good Deed came to be because people just really became super-engaged and realized that kindness is incredibly fulfilling and very easy,” Christensen said. “That was the prime directive. Nothing else mattered but the kindness. It started off as my dream and now it’s become their dream, too.”

Story and Image from the Star-Tribune

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