Rosary Lost In World War II Returned To Family – GNSOTD Fri, Oct. 16th 2020

Robert Maynard was a serviceman for the U.S. during World War II, stationed in Italy, and while there he lost something precious to him; a leather pouch containing the rosary given to him by his mother.

He would tell his family of the event, and his son, Tim Maynard, recalled “I remember him saying at one point that his only regret was the fact that he had lost the rosary and it was his mom’s and it was a special rosary,” Maynard said. “It had a relic inside of it. And that kept him safe and alive that whole time.”

The rosary never made the return trip to Robert. Another U.S. soldier by the name of Charles Werley had found the pouch on a beach, he eventually brought it back to the United States with him in the hopes of finding the owner and returning it.

The pouch didn’t just contain the rosary, it also had a note with Robert’s name on it. Unfortunately with no internet available at the time, Charles was never able to find Robert to give it to him. Both passed away without ever meeting for the exchange.

However, Charles had a daughter, Gail Tucker, and Gail was given the pouch and rosary by her mother after her father’s passing. Gail decided to take up her father’s effort to find the rightful owner, and thanks to the internet – she succeeded, sort of.

She found Tim Maynard, and gave him his family’s heirloom. The precious rosary had made its way home more than 70 years later. “It’s just amazing to have something, you know, that was with him through those times, back in hand,” Robert said. “Years and years and years have passed since he touched them. But the things that he went through while that was in his possession speaks volumes and the energy is still there with it, as I believe his energy’s with it.”

It’s true that Charles never was able to hand it over, and Robert never got to hold it again; but by telling their stories they did help ensure that something precious found its way home. Their efforts bore fruit that they never knew. That is something important to remember. There will be times you never get to see the results of the work you do, but someone else might, and that makes the work worth it. Don’t think you failed just because you don’t know what success you had.

This reminder is your Good News Story of the Day, it’s the reunion of a special item, a sacred memory, and a family. Find it in full, including more about Robert’s time in Italy, here.

There are also going to be times when you find something you thought long gone, many years later. That is what happened when a New Jersey man returned a rosary in May after he found the item while using his metal detector in a large open space about 5 miles from his home. Turns out that the rosary was lost by Diana Antonides 70 years earlier when it was taken by a neighbor boy. Antonides, 81, said the boy must have buried the rosary in the field where Daniel Jurgens found it seven decades later.

So you should never give up hope, even if it has been 70 years.

Story and Image from WCPO.

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